Health and Safety at Tree Tots Day Nursery – Leicester



At Tree Tots child safety is a priority; we have a number of policies and procedures in place to ensure your child is looked after in a safe and secure environment. All our staff have enhanced DBS checks and we make 6 monthly checks on their DBS staus. Below you will find a list of some of the most important health and safety checks/assessments and monitoring that takes place at our nursery;

  • Public liability insurance.
  • Fully serviced and compliant fire alarm system and smoke detectors.
  • Fully serviced and compliant intruder alarm system.


  • Video door entry system
  • Radiator covers
  • Temperature controlled hot water taps
  • Slip resistant flooring throughout nursery
  • Slow closing doors
  • Vision panels on all doors
  • Fire doors
  • Window locks in upstairs classrooms
  • Plug socket covers
  • Finger/hinge guards on all doors
  • Adult-height door handles
  • Double front door lock/closure at adult height
  • Outdoor security lighting in gardens and car park
  • High visability notices for safety reminders around the nursery
  • Safety gates for stairs
  • Child height banisters
  • Temperature controlled central heating system
  • Secure rear fence
  • Security lighting in garden and car park
  • Temperature controlled central heating system; ensures correct internal temperature all year round
  • Trained PAEDIATRIC first aiders always on site
  • First aid boxes
  • Travel first aid  kits for trips/outings
  • Qualified kitchen staff; food hygiene
  • Environmental health checked and approved; awarded


  • Visual classroom and garden checks completed and recorded by management every morning before opening and at the end of the nursery day.
  • Accident forms-when child accidents occur.
  • Child accident logs-to monitor number, type and location of accidents
  • Child hydration charts-monitor drinks given to children
  • Visitor sign in log
  • Staff sign in log
  • Room temperature chart


  • Fire alarm tested and recorded
  • Smoke alarm tested
  • Hand held fire equipment checked and recorded


  • Fire alarm tested and recorded
  • Smoke alarm tested
  • Hand held fire equipment checked and recorded
  • All staff are paediatric first aid trained
  • Two designated lead safeguarding officers

To ensure we are meeting all heath and safety requirements and legislation we use the services of one of the UK’s leading Health and Safety compliance providers CITATION; recommended by the National Day Nurseries Association they provide all the necessary documentation, support and advice needed to ensure optimum child safety and includes annual on site surveillance and checks.