The Baby Room

The baby room is often a parent and child's first experience of nursery care.
At Tree Tots Day Nursery we believe that babies require nurture and a true 'home from home' experience.

We ensure that the baby room and our little ones are cared for in a nurturing environment that is safe and stimulating.

We achieve this through providing a bright and spacious room with lots of sensory play, heuristic play, messy play, creative play, activities and toys that encourage sitting, crawling, movement and walking coupled with staff that always have time for plenty of cuddles, smiles, singing and baby talk! Just so you know most of the staff in this room are parents themselves and thus experienced in caring for little ones!

The babies eat their meals/snacks in their own room and highchairs and child height tables and chairs are provided. There is also an area for milk and snack preparation within the room.

Within this age group there is no strict routine or timetable, through building good relationships with parents we provide babaies with routines that mirror home life: Feeding, changing, and sleeping are individual to each baby.

Just to make life a little easier we provide all milk including formula and soya milk for all full time babies.

Outdoor play is a part of the nursery day and there is direct access in to our Nursery garden for free flow play.