The Pre School Room

The pre-school rooms are a hive of activity from the much-loved home corner, sand pit and play dough to the building of towers, creating masterpieces and observing bugs! The pre-school is located on the 1st floor and is divided in to 2 separate classrooms; lower and upper pre-school. Both rooms are focussed on the way in which children can continue their pursuit of learning, exploration and discovery and become independent learners; the rooms are organised so that children can have space to move, toys and resources can be easily accessed within defined areas of learning. Children's individual interests are always valued and incorporated into daily teaching through observations. Staff provide opportunities for group and individual learning and independent activities both indoors and outdoors.

Through a flexible play-based, child focussed approach children will access all areas of the curriculum; this includes early reading and writing skills, speaking and listening skills, early phonics programme, number recognition, counting and number awareness, learning about the world we live in, development of fine motor skills, creative learning and ICT. Outdoor play and the outdoor curriculum forms part of the nursery day and the pre-school children have their own seperate garden. The children go for regular walks and visit the library, park and local shops and places of interest. Trips are organised to further enhance learning eg theatre at Christmas, farm, garden centre, Space Centre and museums.

Within the pre-school routine and learning is more structured and we have high expectations from the children as they are prepared for 'school readiness'; when the children progress onto school they are confident individuals who are equipped with the foundations and confidence necessary to settle and flourish.

The upper pre-school has direct access to toilets and hand wash basins and all children are taught how to look after their own personal care and hygiene needs eg daily teeth brushing and importance of hand washing. Meals are served at set times and children eat within their own rooms; staff encourage food choices, good table manners and conversation!