The Toddler Room

As you may well have discovered toddlers are strong minded and at this age begin to take control of the world around them! At Tree Tots we encourage this new found independence through self feeding and self care and through providing activities to help children assert their independence within a safe environment. Our nursery believes in the importance of early literacy and speaking and listening skills; we encourage sharing books, talking about what children see, hear and do and encouraging early mark making.

The Toddler Room is spacious and well equipped and has a specific area for messy/creative play with direct access to outdoor play. Children will have opportunities for all kinds of play, for example sand/water, play dough, painting, construction, early puzzles, role play, rhymes and songs, mark making and reading.

Once children have settled in this room staff work closely with parents to start toilet training; this can be a stressful period, however we aim to provide parents with support and will ensure that the process is suited to each individual child’s needs.

Children begin to follow a routine; meals and snacks are served at similar times to other rooms in the nursery and children who would like a nap are provided with a quiet, comfortable space to relax or sleep. Children who prefer to play are provided with ‘quiet time’ activities that allow them to wind down.